The Alma Mater


"Guarded by the noble maples under Heaven's arch of blue
Stands our glorious Alma Mater with the hills in distant view"

"Memories of the past will cheer us as we oft' repeat thy name
Our beloved Alma Mater we will ever sing thy fame"


"Let the echoes sweep the glen, each voice rise higher in our lay
And ne'er from thee our Alma Mater let our minds be turned away"

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Piano and Choir Sheet Music

The alma mater sheet music prints in high resolution on two pages.
Morrisville State College Alma Mater Sheet Music (PDF - 2.6 Mb)

Morrisville State College has a proud history that has lasted for more than 100 years. We invite you to come together to reconnect with one another and experience campus today.

Alumni News

Danielle Cook '97

Danielle Cook '97

Ielle Palmer, a.k.a. Danielle Cook '97, is a proud graduate of the Morrisville State Journalism program and is in the midst of producing her first comic book, Wayward.

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