Athena Lazo '11 stars in TNT's new series, The Hero

One of the stars in the new reality series The Hero is Athena Lazo ’11. She is one of nine competitors faced with physical, mental and moral challenges brought forth by the show’s mentor and motivator, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. In the show, teams are formed to execute tasks for cash prizes while facing the temptation to stray and keep the money for themselves. The strategy-intensive environment is heightened by the competitor’s diversity and the combination of all elements will eventually determine who the one true Hero is.


Lazo, who lives in Massachusetts, filmed the series earlier this year. She was recently featured in Momentum magazine for her career as a New England Patriots cheerleader. Recently retired, she credits luck for her chance to compete on The Hero.

How was your experience on the show?
It was all-inclusive! There was everything. Living in a house with eight other people in ages ranging from 24-50, of course that’s going to cause problems. It was a really cool experience. And the challenges, you can’t even imagine. The television only shows you a small amount of what really happened. We had a challenge in Colon, Panama where it smelled so bad and you’re running for literally two hours, it was hard but amazing.

How did you come to be on the show?
Luck. I had applied to other shows before but nothing had really panned out. This time it just felt right. I just made my video and just kept getting callbacks.

Obviously you are pushed to the brink by the challenges, what did you learn about yourself?
At the beginning of the show I cared a lot about what people thought of me. It’s all about image when you’re a cheerleader and a model. I started to accept myself and not care about what others thought about me. I try to stay positive about my personality and my body because this is me! It’s hard to keep that attitude with social media and the reactions from viewers of the show, but there is a lot of positivity mixed in and that helps.

Athena on location for The Hero

What do you miss about Morrisville?
Everything! I know that freshman come in and say that there’s nothing to do in Morrisville but I had the greatest time of my life there! I miss the parties, Campus Hill, Student Government and of course the people. I met so many cool people at Morrisville that I wouldn’t have met anywhere else. I am not a horse girl and I am not from New York City, but now I can visit them both. I also miss Morrisville pizza.

How is “The Rock?”
Amazing, He’s so busy right now, but I saw him every single day regardless of his tight schedule.

What is your anthem? What gets you pumped?
I was a country music girl before I went to Morrisville but it would be AC/DC’s T.N.T- that’s going to be my wedding song!

Your brother and his health struggles are a big motivator for you, does he watch the show?
Yes, he’s my biggest fan. He has kept a positive attitude through it all, from age 4 to now 26. He loves life and takes it one day at a time. He never gets down on himself and he has a loving girlfriend who supports him. He’s so strong and I am on the show to make his life easier.

What’s your favorite food?
Papa Gino’s pizza, sorry New York.

What’s your master plan?
Return to a normal life. I have done so many interesting things in my life that I’m looking for what’s next. Ultimately I want to be a mom, have a great family and a cozy home. *

Good luck Athena!

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