Nicole Leaf '08


Nicole Leaf '08 recently met with students on campus to discuss internship opportunities at the world-renowned Kiawah Island Golf Resort in South Carolina. Leaf began as an intern at the resort and is now employed as the recruiting manager. We were able to meet Nicole and this is what she had to say.

  • When did you consider yourself a success?I guess I would say I considered myself a success when I accepted the position in Human Resources and got the opportunity to visit campus at MSC for the first time in years. I felt accomplished and wanted to share the successes with my peers / upcoming graduates.
  • What are your success habits?I am extremely organized and neat, even in the craziest of times. I’m also a planner, I like to map out what I would like to accomplish when and how much time I will spend on that task.
  • How do you push through difficult times?When a difficult time arises I try to stay calm. I trust those who I work with, so I know together we can overcome even the most difficult challenges.
  • Are you hiring at Kiawah Island Golf Resort?Yes! Kiawah hires year-round for full time, part-time, seasonal and on-call positions.
  • What is one piece of advice you’d give current Morrisville students?Don’t wait around for something to come to you, get out and get involved! Whether it’s a job or being involved with a sport/activity the skills you will strengthen through communication and engagement will be what allows you to grow as an individual.
  • What helped you most when you were searching for a career path?When I graduated I didn’t know what I wanted to do within hospitality, I just knew I was drawn to the customer service and influence you had on a guest’s stay/vacation. What helped me with my career path is not being afraid of starting at the bottom to grow my experience and being able to cross-train throughout Kiawah. I got the opportunity to learn so many positions/operations within the hospitality industry. This truly opened my eyes to look more globally.

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