Catching up with Kaamil Baba Kamara '05

Kaamil Baba Kamara '05  provides business analytics for IBM, one of the top innovative companies in the world today. He credits MSC with proving him with the knowledge and direction needed to succeed in a fast-paced, sales-driven industry. 

Can you describe your current position?

I’m currently an IBM System Z software technical specialist on Business Analytics. I’m responsible for providing (IBM Cognos) business analytics solutions on System Z for the New York Metro Sales Team. I basically architect and implement business analytics and data integration solutions while focusing on supporting the sales cycle. I also help with training, outreach, technical support, etc.

You were a student at Morrisville not so long ago. Did you come to MSC already knowing what career you wanted to pursue?

I came to MSC generally knowing that I wanted to focus on the IT industry but what I did not know was how broad the industry is an how specialized of a career path I could take. I decided to start with my aAssociates in Computer Information Systems, and build my academic career from there. I eventually earned my BT in Applications Software.

How did your time at MSC prepare you for your career and did some of your experiences influence your current interests?

MSC helped me to understand the importance of education and how I could learn anything in life as long as I applied myself to it. 

What's been the biggest surprise or shock about post-college life? 

My career path is a great shock I never imagined working for IBM, one of the top IT innovative companies in the world today. 

What are your hobbies? 

Camping, Fishing, or just hanging out with close friends.

What’s your favorite Morrisville memory?

When a group of my friends and I won our intramural soccer match.

Describe yourself as a freshman in ten words or less.

Carefree, naïve, adventurous, and determined.

What’s your personal anthem? (A song that pumps you up, defines your life, etc.)

I’m kind of old soul so I would say – Curtis Mayfield’s Superfly.

If you could go back in time and give yourself one piece of advice, what would it be?

Make sure to get all A’s in your first semester! It will save you a lot of stress in the future. 

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