Board of Directors

New volunteers are always welcome. Call us at 1-800-IMA-GRAD (462-4723), e-mail, or update your information to indicate your interest.

  • Gregory Slack, PhD '83: President
    Program of Study: Math/Science
  • Deborah McCaffery '74 :: Secretary
    Program of Study: Journalism
    "The opportunity to serve and contribute is especially enjoyable and rewarding."
  • Larry Hitchcock '70 :: Past President
    Program of Study: Animal Husbandry
    "I am proud to associate with an institution which is continually challenging itself especially in the area of technology."
  • Kimberly Baums '91
    Program of Study: Individual Studies 
    "I feel that I have a responsibility to give back to one of the institutions that I feel had a significant impact on my life experience"
  • Wade Coye, Esq. '78
    Program of Study: Liberal Arts: Social Science 
    "Morrisville State College was my first college experience and was the foundation for my future educational and professional efforts."
  • Linda Gorton '79
    Program of Study: Liberal Arts: Social Science 
    "Morrisville provided me with a quality educational experience. It proved to be an incredible springboard for furthering my additional higher education experience. The professors at Morrisville knew your name, your talents (and yes, your weaknesses). You are a person, not a number, at this college. Serving on the board allows me to give back to my alma mater and an ability to ensure that other students receive an educational experience that will be useful as they begin their respective life journeys."
  • Mary Claire Helmer '81
    Program of Study: Journalism 
    "I have a great affection for Morrisville State College. Both my parents were MSC teachers. I grew up a block from the campus and consider it my second home."
  • Patricia Anne King '77
    Program of Study: Nursing
  • Lisa Pearson '93
    Program of Study: Business Administration
  • Randy Weatherby '79
    Program of Study: Automotive Technology
    "I want to help Morrisville continue to grow. I have seen such a tremendous change in the last thirty years and would like to take a more active role in spreading the news about these changes."
  • Sharry Woodcock '89
    Program of Study: Food Service Administration
    "I believe in Morrisville State College; I know that we are a great college and we have a lot to offer our students. I like helping Morrisville to be the best of the best."

Morrisville State College has a proud history that has lasted for more than 100 years. We invite you to come together to reconnect with one another and experience campus today.

Alumni News

Shadow LaValley '14

Shadow LaValley '14

Shadow LaValley '14 returned to MSC's Norwich Campus after gaining some experience in the working world.

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MSC has alumni and friends living in all 50 US states and territories, as well as 34 other countries around the globe.

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